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Bawaseer Piles or a hemorrhoids Herbal Treatment

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All about bawaseer in English with the name of Piles or a hemorrhoids

piles meaning in UrduPiles or a hemorrhoids is a common problem, and some people call it with the name of bawaseer. Here you can know the complete details on causes, symptoms, and the way to treat. You get swollen veins right there in the lower section of your anus and rectum in this condition.

In addition, you end up having inflamed tissues, and your anal canal gets a lot of damage. All in all, your tissues and veins become inflamed and also swollen. That is quite a troublesome problem, and many people being targeted with it are looking for effective solutions and easy-to-follow home remedies.

Whether you have khooni bawaseer ka ilaj or Badi bawaseer, you can have this herbal medicine, and it will give you the best results in just one week. Below you can see more details on hemorrhoids meaning in English:

Here you can buy quality products, and they are 100% genuine hemorrhoids meaning in Urdu.

You might have internal or external piles meaning in Urdu, both of these conditions are quite serious, and you should treat them as soon as possible. For the information, internal piles are located between 2 and 4 centimeters right above the opening of your anus section. On the other hand, External piles happen just on the outside edge section of the anus. So, what can be the hemorrhoids ka ilaj or parhez? Check out the below details!

hemorrhoids bawaseer

hemorrhoids & piles meaning in Urdu

Piles symptoms & piles meaning in Urdu

You are now talking about its symptoms! You will have a hard and painful lump around the anus if you have got piles. That lump remains packed with coagulated blood. If your hemorrhoids are composed and filled with blood, it means you are being affected with external thrombosis hemorrhoids meaning in Urdu. On passing the stool, you will feel immense pain, and you will feel as if your bowels are already full.

In addition, you will spot bright red blood completely after a bowel movement. Some have complained that their anus gets itchy, red, and even sore. If you have grade 1, you will get small inflammations inside the anus lining. The grade 2 piles meaning in Urdu get pushed out during the passing of stool. That is all information on bawaseer ki alamat!

Bawaseer in English Causes- piles meaning in Urdu
piles meaning in Urdu

piles meaning in Urdu

You are now talking about its causes! If you put a lot of pressure on your lower rectum, you will become the victim of this problem. This problem happens because of chronic constipation, lifting heavyweight, and chronic diarrhea. Moreover, this condition occurs during pregnancy.

hemorrhoids meaning in Urdu & piles meaning in Urdu

So, what is the possible badi bawaseer ka ilaj? Here you can check out the solutions. First of all, you should bring effective and healthy changes to your lifestyle. Improve your diet, eat healthy food. Do exercise, take medications, or go for surgical treatments. If you take a healthy diet, you will pass the soft stool, which helps you get rid of hemorrhoids.

It would help if you also lost weight; this khooni bawaseer ka ilaaj tip will reduce the severity of piles. You can opt for therapeutic options as well. In terms of surgical options, we have banding. In this treatment, your hemorrhoids are removed, and you can go with this treatment if you have less than grade IV piles. Some like to go with sclerotherapy therapy, and here medicine gets injected so that your hemorrhoid becomes small and shrivels up.

Bawaseer in English Conclusion & piles meaning in Urdu

That is all we have about piles or hemorrhoids meaning in Urdu! If you can think of more remedies to treat this problem, share that with us. Stay tuned as more informative details on hemorrhoids ka ilaj are coming up on this platform.

piles meaning in Urdu

piles meaning in Urdu

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Bawaseer Piles or a hemorrhoids Herbal Treatment

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